Yes…. I am posting at 7am.

So i woke up at 6:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep…. *sigh*. I figure it’s been a while since I’ve updated, and a lot has gone down so i’m taking this time to update my blogging. :)

Considering Graduation is less than like, 75 days away, i’ve been a magNIFICENT slacker lately lol. Skipped a few days to go to Mardi Gras for the first time… Holy Handgrenades, that place was something else lol (and the Handgrenades are fantastic :) It was like, a huge block party/frat party/orgy all mixed into one…. after 2 days there me and F were DONE lol. He never wants to drink with me again lol, i had him mixing vodka with his morning orange juice… oops lol. (hey, it’s not my fault i get really into holidays…. and trust me, we were NOT the only ones.) The parade floats were sooo elaborate, and people got so into costumes and beads etc… It was a great place. Especially for me who likes to people watch, there were so many intriguing things happening everywhere…. and i got hella beads haha (and no, not one body part ever escaped my clothing. thankyouverymuch.) Mardi Gras Pics below….

After we got back, spent some serious quality time with F, which i SOOOO needed. (he was in town for his Spring Break). It was SO good to see him. I guess sometimes i don’t realize how much i miss him until he’s actually here, in front of me, and it all kind of hits me. We also had our make-up Valentine’s meal, which we cooked ourselves (much better than going to some overpriced restaurannt… plus we are fantastic cooks! lol) check it out:
How tasty does that all look? I know, I know. We’re a talented couple :) Ribeye steak with Red Wine and Shallot sauce, green beans and rice. to DIE for lol.

Anyways, after all that, I went home for the weekend to see my family (my mom specifically). She’s been sick lately, so I wanted to check on her before my life dropped over the edge into the swirling inescapable vortex that ends in graduation… lol. It was so relaxing sitting on my ass for 5 days, playing with my niece, catching up on Discovery Health (lol yea, I’m a nerd.) and knocking sense into my little sisters lol. And it snowed… hard lol. I haven’t seen real snow in YEARS, so even though it kept me from going back to ATL when i wanted, it was a blessing in disguise. My mom was really REALLY happy to see me, I can’t remember the last time she was so doting. For the first time in a while, it was genuinely good to be home, start-to-finish. Anyways, I’m going to try and get one more hour of sleep before my alarm goes off, and I know I don’t have the mental capacity to talk about the next topic on my mind, the book i just finished (White Oleander, by Janet Finch) so i’ll save that for next time. Promise to avoid the blog hiatuses from now on… (even though i’m never really sure if anybody reads this thing anyways…. it’s good for me to be writing frequently lol.)


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