Fuck UPS…. aka the Not-So-Great Valentine’s Fiasco.

I can’t remember the last time i felt so emotionally confused. On one hand, I am absolutely thrilled at what could have been an ADORABLE Valentine’s gift from F. Temper that, however, with the fact that UPS screwed it all up and I want to shoot the next person i see in ugly brown shorts. This is the gift F bought and sent to me:

Hey Baby…. Sorry I can’t be there to deliver your gift to you in person, so I’m trusting my little buddy here to deliver it for me. Take good care of him! Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you baby! –F”

Like i’ve mentioned before, sappy romantics are not F’s forte. Had I recieved my gift as expected, I would have completely melted. Like, this was just so sweet. But thanks to the delinquent UPS worker and the jerk who STOLE MY GIFT OFF MY FRONT STOOP, my puppy and chocolate never got to me. How endlessly wrong is that??? To steal someone’s package?? On Valentine’s day???? This dirt bag probably also gets kicks from telling children Santa doesn’t exist and stealing wheelchairs from the elderly. And not only was i crushed that my gift never arrived, but F went to all the trouble to go out of his way to do something sweet for me on a holiday that he understandably has little to no interest in, all for nothing. On the bright side, at least i get to see my Valentine in person next saturday, finally. However if I see some little snot-nosed kid with my puppy, with God as my witness I will tackle him and take it back.

Other than the puppy stealer fiasco, Valentine’s Day went pretty well: Got some very sweet calls from my love, and later on, dinner and drinks with some of my girls.And instead of going to the staple bar/restaurants that we usually go to (two of which had wait times of OVER 3 hours… womp womp) we discovered this AMAZING little mexican restaurant that was all types of worth it. 20 minute wait, and the food was just sooooo good! Will definitely be going back. As much as i complain about the complacent nightlife choices in Atlanta, every once and a while a real gem pops out of the woodwork. And I’m totally keeping a list :)


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