new quote i love…

“If you live your life through a rear view mirror, you’ll never know where you’re going.”

Let that marinate for a second lol. I dont’ know why this quote stuck out to me so much (it was spoken in the middle of a conversation on the radio about Chris Brown allegedly assaulting Rihanna before the Grammy’s…. SMH. check it out.) Anyways, the caller was commenting on how whatever background he grew up in doesn’t give him the right to take his aggression out on others, no matter how mad he was. Acting on the past and long-established mistakes and regrets is going to leave you going backwards, and i definitely think tat applies to a lot of situations. No point in going backwards, you can’t change the past, hindsight is 20/20 etc. etc. etc. Keep it moving. Onwards and Upwards, folks, lol. [ASIDE: Strangely enough, my lil sis is working on ending a semi-emotionally abusive-ish relationship with a guy who looks JUST like a goofier version of Chris Brown. coincidence? i think not.] so hopefully she (and Rih-Rih…)take the hint, which is this: if they can’t deal with their prior hardships on their own, they won’t be able to deal with them any better with you around, so steer clear. or maybe just that Chris Brown and his clones need to be lonely, for the benefit of humanity. either or.


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